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 Home improvement is an £18 billion per annum market
unfinished home improvements 14m families may be living with unfinished home improvements, some for as long as 3 years!
 unfinished renovation projects could bring you down Research suggests that unfinished renovation projects do impact family life
Brass doorknobs can disinfect themselves Brass doorknobs are able to disinfect themselves thanks to the oligodynamic effect
Average property rental prices The average property rental price in England and Wales is £768 per month
rental accomodation is limited Demand for the limited supply of rental accommodation will continue to rise
first time buyers mortgages Saving a deposit will now take approximately 10 years across England & 24 In London
stamp duty holiday figures Approximately 180,000 house buyers benefited from stamp duty exemption since March 2010
buying your first property The average age Brits expect to be able to buy 1st property is between 35 to 37 years old!
Selling your home? Selling Your Home? • Rightmove • FindaProperty • Zoopla • Mouseprice.com • Globrix fix
Easter is when home traditionally start selling Traditionally Easter is when the UK home selling market kicks off each year
older homes really are less energy effient Almost 27% of UK carbon emissions are from older energy inefficient homes
Brits spend around 5 billion pounds on their garden areas During the past year or so Britons spent around £5 billion on their garden areas
Solar panel prices have dropped by half recently (2010 - 2012) Improved manufacturing and technology helped solar PV panels half in price the past 3 years
Prevent Fires At Home - Some Simple Rules Prevention Of Fires In The Home - Householders are advised to check cookers are off after use, to clean ovens regularly to prevent fat build-up and to defrost freezers once a year.
Prevent Fires At Home - Some Simple Rules Prevention Of Fires In The Home (2) - Never be tempted to overload plug sockets, suspect equipment and gadget wiring should be checked for damage, hair straighteners and tongs switched off after every use and never left on charge when you leave the property. Lastly, never be tempted to throw a drape, material or clothes over electric lights or heaters

Information For HomeOwners

The Right to Buy Bill

The Right to Buy Bill, extends the right for housing association tenants to purchase their property at a significant discount. The Conservatives have pledged to ensure this bill is applicable to a much wider tenant base.

Fatal Dangers of Taking Disposable Barbecues into Enclosed Spaces

Trading Standards officers have warned homeowners that "Even when apparently cold, disposable barbecues continue to produce carbon monoxide and when this is breathed into the body, even in relatively small quantities, it prevents blood from providing essential oxygen to cells, tissues and organs. The advice given is very simple. Never take a used disposable barbecue into an enclosed space, even if it feels cold to the touch. When you’ve finished using a disposable barbecue it should be left outside until the following day and then disposed of appropriately.”

"People should NOT be tempted to use them for warmth or cooking as the weather drops in the evening by taking disposable barbecues into their tents, caravans and even conservatories."

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